Al Ras 2019 – 7-10 November- Barcelona

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Bum Ditty


Bum Ditty is a band playing old-time folk music and organizing jams in Barcelona since 2017. Ned (North Carolina), Joana (Catalonia) and Ion (Catalonia) are multi-instrumentalist musicians, mixing the traditional sounds of the banjo, fiddle, guitar, harmonica and percussive dance to recreate the rhythms and harmonies of the Appalachian Mountain region of the South-Eastern United States.

The Silky Ramblers


The Silky Ramblers was born in 2017 in Barcelona within the annual Al Ras Festival of Bluegrass and from the participation of its members in the Barcelona Bluegrass Camp, both organized at the Centre Civic La Sedeta. After many hours of jam sessions, the group evolves from its initial composition (guitar, mandolin and banjo) to the current formation. They all come from styles as different as Jazz, Classical music, Rock & Roll, Blues or Folk music and their musical influences are noted in the arrangements of Bluegrass themes, which give the group its own personality. Oriol Aguilar (double bass), Jordi Marquillas (violin and vocals), Isaac Casas (mandolin and vocals), Cristóbal Torres (guitar) and David Munné (banjo). Their set list consists of standard themes of classic and contemporary Bluegrass, as well as their own songs.

Jeff Scroggins & the Scroggdogs


Jeff Scroggins and the Scroggdogs is a hard core traditional bluegrass band…and so much more! Founded by internationally acclaimed five string banjo player Jeff Scroggins and designed to be a showpiece of the gritty, raw energy and excitement of the West Coast bluegrass scene, it’s members are the cream of the crop of amazing pickers from California that were and continue to be inspired by Vern Williams, (Vern and Ray and the Vern Williams Band) who moved to California from his home in Newton County, Arkansas. His influence on the bluegrass scene on the West Coast and in California (and especially Northern California) would be hard to overestimate.

Mando Duo


When two mandolin lovers meet, it makes us tremble ... And when we know that they have known each other for almost four decades, we better understand the alchemy that occurs when they play together. They will present their new album Mando Duo. “Cri du coyote“ Alain Kempf - This album is a jewel of creativity and musicality and a shout from the heart, it is evident as soon as we make the first listening .... Blues, ragtime, classics, folk ... everything is coherent and personal, attention is restored to each piece. The whole album is sumptuous, in most of the titles, the duo combines a mandolin and a mandola or a mandocello, which enriches the sound palette and allows you to listen without fatigue ... So listen and spread the word.

Tony Williamson


Tony Williamson is a visionary musician, composer, musical instrument expert, teacher and mentor. He is most famous for his mandolin playing, and his credits include performances on stage and/or in the recording studio with Alison Krauss, Chris Thile, Earl Scruggs, Bill Monroe, Tony Rice, Vassar Clements, David Grisman and Sam Bush. His list of honors includes the North Carolina Heritage Award, the IBMA Recorded Event of the Year (1994), Mando-Mania at Merlefest and an unforgettable performance for Luciano Pavarotti! Chris Thile, host of Live From Here, and world-class mandolinist extraordinaire writes: “Tony Williamson is one of the best mandolinists in the world but it is the particularly scenic route that he has taken to greatness that makes him so remarkable. Tony stops along the way to study the great instances of innovation that lead to tradition and these instances are no mere plaques or monuments to him—they are living things and his wonder and delight in them shine through every note.”

Al Ras House Band


One day you gather with some friends to play for a while and enjoy the musical tastes that you have in common. Another day you decide to organize a Bluegrass jam session in an old bar in Barcelona, which eventually becomes a periodic event that more and more people attend. Hence the idea of organizing a festival of traditional American music ... Suddenly one day you realize that the Al Ras Festival has been running for almost two decades, and that we who are so lucky to be in the organization of the event have no intention of quitting now. This band is a nod to ourselves, a coming of age gift that we make ourselves and our way to offer you a sample of the traditional music that has been our number one passion for so long.
The components of the Barcelona Bluegrass Jam will give all they have to make you sing, dance and enjoy the most popular and timeless hits of Bluegrass and Old Time music.

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