Al Ras 2018 – 8/9/10/11 November- Barcelona

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Toni Giménez


Pioneer of the banjo and diffuser of the American traditional music in our country, Toni Giménez will reopen the festival. His professional beginnings date back to the late 70s and although most of his work, in live and in the form of publications, is aimed at children and families, he has also published several albums for adults, dedicated to folk and popular and traditional music. Toni, with a tour of 4.000 performances behind his back, 142 albums and 62 books and songbooks, has prepared, for this year, a small concert of Celtic instrumental music, performed with frailing banjo and fingerpicking guitar.

Barcelona Bluegrass Band


Lluís Gómez and Joan Pau Cumellas present the Barcelona Bluegrass Band, a group dedicated to the traditional music of the Appalachian mountains in eastern United States. They enrich the traditional style by adding a mixture of original compositions and styles such as blues, jazz, and celtic. After the international success of their albums 'Barcelona Bluegrass Band' and 'Old Time Blues', where they collaborated with legends like Alison Brown, Tony Trischka, and Tim Carter, the Barcelona Bluegrass Band is releasing their new album 'Set List'. 'Set List' raises the bar for this quartet and faithfully captures the drive and energy of their live shows.

Stone Bones & Bad Spaguetti


Most likely the only portuguese bluegrass band. They are distinguished by the incredible energy of their music and enthusiastic performance on stage. At their shows they present a collection of traditional songs and also some original portuguese influence bluegrass tunes sung in portuguese and english.



A new band has hit the Barcelona music scene: YerbAzul! This group has an international lineup from England (Tom Savage), the USA (Doc Scanlon) and Catalunya (Jorge Rodríguez Cros & Pepe Fuster Foz). The music they make shows their passion for acoustic bluegrass, country blues, swing, folk, country and Americana, with some real sweet pickin' and tight vocal harmonies. YerbAzul consists of four friends and extraordinary musicians with long creative careers. When you see them, you can easily tell their love of this music and the joy they have of making it together as friends. Their shows are full of warmth, humor and tunes that bring the clear mountain air feeling and sound to relax anyone’s complicated city life.

The Silky Ramblers


THE SILKY RAMBLERS was born in 2017 in Barcelona, in the shadow of the annual Bluegrass Music Festival Al Ras. Also most of their members take part in the Barcelona Bluegrass Camp. Both events are hosted at La Sedeta, a well-known Civic Center in Barcelona. After many hours of jam sessions, the band evolves from its initial composition (guitar, mandolin and banjo) to the current formation. Their members share, as a common factor, their enormous love for music. They come from different styles such as Jazz, Classical music, Rock & Roll, Blues or Folk music and their musical influences are well noted in the arrangements of Bluegrass themes, which bring the group a personality of its own. The Silky Ramblers are: Oriol Aguilar (double bass), Jordi Marquillas (violin and vocals), Isaac Casas (mandolin and vocals), Cristóbal Torres (guitar) and David Munné (banjo).

Newgrass Republic


Newgrass Republic is an acoustic combo of bluegrass, folk and American music based in the city of Barcelona. Originally formed in the biweekly jams of the same city, this group brings together the six most characteristic instruments of the genre: guitar and voice (Toni Jou), violin (Laura Jörres), mandolin (Joan Manel Hernàndez), dobro (Xus Olivas), banjo (Ignasi Cardús) and double bass (Albert Montolio). His repertoire is broad but above all diverse; combining genre standards such as Old Joe Clark and Angeline the Baker with classic and popular themes by Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, The Byrds and Gillian Welch, among many others.

Bowing Girls


Bowing Girls is a trio formed by Carol Duran (violin), Marta Roma (cello) and Maribel Rivero (double bass), all three have a long career in traditional music.The group is born with the will to play and experiment with bowed string instruments. The repertoire consists of songs and instrumental tunes ranging from Cajun and Old Time to Bluegrass.

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