MARCH 6TH & 7TH, 2020

Who can apply?

Everyone who is interested in learning more about the musical language of Bluegrass and Old Time music.

What level of musicianship?

The Barcelona Bluegrass Camp is open to applicants from all levels, from the basic beginner to more advanced students including professionals.

What is the format?

The camp lasts for a day and a half. It starts on Friday evening with an introductory jam session and a concert featuring all the instructors. Instrument classes are Saturday morning with your chosen instructor, and in the afternoon you work in a band, with two different instructors, on the two songs that are common to the camp. The band performs at the Saturday night Alumni Concert. In this manner, you have the opportunity to work on different aspects of the music with three different professors.

Purpose and Objectives

The Barcelona Bluegrass camp is a wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend enjoying Bluegrass music through classes, jams, and playing with a band. We also get to eat lunch together as a family and have the opportunity to get to know other Bluegrass musicians.


Centro Cívico La Sedeta C/Sicília 321 Barri de Gràcia, Barcelona

Registration: To register, send an email to Xavier Cardús,

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Tony Trischka


Tony Trischka is considered to be the consummate banjo artist and perhaps the most influential banjo player in the roots music world. For more than 45 years, his stylings have inspired a whole generation of bluegrass and acoustic musicians with the many voices he has brought to the instrument.
A native of Syracuse, New York, Trischka’s interest in banjo was sparked by the Kingston Trio’s Charlie and the MTA in 1963. Shortly after that he started an extensive career (both solo and with different bands) that includes names like Peter Rowan and Béla Fleck.
In 2007, Tony was given an IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) award for Banjo Player of the Year. His album Double Banjo Bluegrass Spectacular (featuring appearances by Steve Martin, Earl Scruggs, Bela Fleck, Tony Rice and other bluegrass stars) received IBMA awards for Recorded Event of the Year, Instrumental Album of the Year and a Grammy Nomination.
He has written over fifteen instructional books and DVDs. In 2009 he launched the groundbreaking Online Banjo School with Tony Trischka, an interactive, online learning school that teaches students around the world how to play banjo.

Phil Fernbach

Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar

Focuses on the fundamentals of bluegrass rhythm guitar including body posture, right and left-hand technique, timing and drive, walk ups, bass runs and the famous Lester Flat G-lick. This workshop is for beginner guitarists or those new to bluegrass music. Participants should be able to switch comfortably between basic chords and should bring an acoustic guitar (preferably a dreadnought), a tuner, and a thick flat pick.
Phil Fernbach is a college professor and bluegrass fanatic from the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. He is currently performing with the Barcelona Bluegrass Band.

Raphael Maillet


Raphael Maillet was born in south of France in 1682 during a military base jump. He started the violin into his own mother's belly. When Paganini broke a string during the 2054 olympic games, Raphael was a member of the famous “Earth, Wine and Fire” band. He is so talented than Kenny Baker himself said “Raphael makes the best croisguette I ever taste” A croisguette is a croissant-baguette. When he teached to Grappelli how to play chess under water, he was bitten by an irish robot sphynx. That's why french cheese smells so good! Now he teaches all around the world the way to make Eiffel Towers with old bow hair but without saying the word “scales”, and still working on his new book “how to kiss in Bflat minor for dummies”.

Paul Van Vlodrop


Paul started his musical career in 1975, when he joined his brother Lody in the Dutch bluegrass band Country Ramblers on mandolin. He toured with the Ramblers and recorded a live album with Byron Berline in 1981. In 1987 he formed 4 Wheel Drive, and produced the music for the Dutch version of A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shephard. Voted the Best European Bluegrass Band at the annual EWOB festival in 2002, 4WD played at the IBMA festival in Louisville, Kentucky that year. Besides being a member of 2 bands, Red Herring (NL) and the Belgium-based Sons of Navarone, Paul currently teaches banjo and mandolin in Amsterdam, and is in demand as a session player for shows and studio work.

Maribel Rivero

Bluegrass Kids

Trained as a classical guitar player, she has been working for years as a double bass player. She has backed up various northamerican artists in tours around our territory (Bill Keith, Tom Corbett, Tony Trischka, Henrich Novák, Chris Luquette among others…), she was part of the “Orquestra Cambra Canticela and the Big Band of the music school of Badalona, directed by Carlos Vecino. She combines these activities with teaching in music schools around Catalonia, and she is involved in musical projects like the the Barcelona Bluegrass Band, Les Violines, Grazztrio, Swing 42, to mention a few.

Sharon Lombardi & Jean Marie Redon

Vocal Harmony

The purpose of the workshop is to teach you harmony singing by ear, how to find your harmony simply and intuitively, without going into musical theory. As we best learn by doing, during the workshop, you will learn how to harmonize songs and practice this skill on various tunes.
Jean-Marie Redon and Sharon Lombardi have sung harmony vocals with different bands and now perform as a duet.
Jean-Marie Redon is internationally known as a banjo player. He is mentioned in the American reference book, MASTERS OF THE FIVE-STRING BANJO, and he won two awards for his career as a bluegrass banjo player: a U.S S.P.G.M.A award (1998) and a European award from the E.B.M.A. (2015).
Sharon Lombardi has played bass and sung harmony vocals in different bluegrass, country and blues bands, such as The Mox Gowland Quartet and Blue Railroad Train.
Jean-Marie and Sharon have collaborated in various musical projects. Together they produced a banjo instructional video. They translated two banjo instruction books: Banjo for Dummies, and Jean-Marie Redon and Bill Keith’s Bluegrass Banjo method for Mel Bay Publications.

Mitch Depew

Old Time Fiddle

Mitch Depew is one of the youth referrals when it comes to Old Time fiddle. True to the origins of the genre and always in search for the roots, he keeps the tradition of Old Time fiddle.

David Prat


David Prat begins to play the banjo in 1994 , in a first moment Scruggs Style, at a later date when he found out about Old time music he started to learn Clawhammer.
During these first years also begins his adventure as a luthier of Banjos and Appalachian Dulcimer .
To know more deeply the style he has traveled in several occasions to the United States. In 2009 David spends 3 month in Kentucky learning and studying the Old time Tradition, history ...
During these years he has shared the path with musicians like, John Balch, Mitch Depew, Joe Herrmann, David McLaughlin, Lena Uría, Adam Hurt ...

Joan Pau Cumellas


Joan Pau is one of the leading exponents in Spain of the diatonic harmonica which he loves to push to the limits exploring its possibilities in different musical context.
Whether he is playing bluegrass, blues or swing manuche he takes the instrument up to surprising level. His versatility, has also allowed him to play with a diverse range of artists on the rock-pop, country and jazz Spanish stage and his harmonica music can be heard in more than 50 cds.
Joan Pau plays at numerous festivals in Spain and is well known in the European countries for it's participation in Blues and Bluegrass events.
He does harmonica jingles recordings for advertising announcements and musical sessions for radio, television and cinema.
He also is harmonica teacher in Barcelona, does workshops in different festivals, and makes harmonica sessions for children at schools.

Miguel Talavera


Guitar virtuoso, specially on the “finger – picking” technique, used by the best acoustic guitar players.
A way of playing that fits very well on blues, jazz, country and bluegrass music. Miguel has accompanied such different national and international artists. He also works as soloist , composer and performer with own musical projects . He’s a member of the Barcelona Bluegrass Band.

José Miguel Moraleda

Double Bass

Musician of the mountains (of the Tres Turons).
With extensive experience and passion in the field of traditional American music (Bluegrass, Oldtime, Jazz, New Orleans) he has been part of The Wild Turkey Band (with two CDs), and has also accompanied American artists of the genre (Katty Chiabola, Sharon Cort, Tom Corbet, Wanda Jackson, Ricky Araiza). With a long history as a musician , he has been involved in rock since 1982, beginning with blues, bluegrass, modern music and jazz in general. With a long history of performances throughout Spain, many festivals, clubs, private parties, events, TV shows and various venues. As well as in several European countries (France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hungary, Netherlands ...). Music studies at the Aula de Música Moderna and Jazz in Barcelona. Graduated from the ESMUC (Higher School of Music of Catalonia). He collaborates or has collaborated with traditional jazz groups with many of the most renowned musicians and groups in Barcelona. Co-founder and teacher since 1993 at L’Escola de Música Pausa.

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